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Genetic researchers were vanishing across the Alpha quadrant. Garak traced movements and sightings until everyone who had worked on Julian's enhancements were accounted for.

All six doctors from the clinic were gone,as were three nurses and an administrator. Official records said they were on leave or sabbatical. In reality they were just gone. After calling in a favor Garak had discovered something even more interesting.

Richard Bashir wasn't in prison. The records said he was,as did the guards and officials. But Julian's father had been there a week before being placed in isolation due to illness. No one but the doctors has seen him since.

So Garak had continued searching,looking for any clue as to what was happening. But there was nothing. So far all he knew was they were gone. But he did do some other research into the Human genetic engineering. And he found some interesting facts. Such as what happened at Darwin Genetic Research Station on Gagarin IV. Cheif O'Brian had been on board the Enterprise on that mission, and had already told Garak that the only thing he hd learned was that he felt sorry for the poor kids left on that planet.Poor children,they were young adults now,and had been given permission to turn the planet into a colony,so they wouldn't spend eternity trapped in a few rooms. The doctors who had raised them,designed them had never worked in Federation space,but had excepted supplies in return for access to their progress. The reason they'd been allowed their experiments was because each of their creations had been designed to be docile. Garak felt honest distant for the Humans as he read more. During the Eugenics war there had been truly terrible Modified Humans. Khann was the most well known. But there had been others as well. Men and women whose minds had warped to believe themselves to be gods. But there was good to. In South American two hundred Augmented humans fought and died to defend half the continent from invaders. Most were executed as "traitors of the New Race". Earth government had spent the years since denying the petition for a monument to them. In fact they did their very best to denie the fact so many Augments had been as normal as the rest of their race. In fact Arik Soong and his creations probably would have led long peaceful lives had the father figure not been arrested. Malik Soong was a problem,but could anyone blame the rest of his siblings for following? With the way they had been treated,what were they to do?

Garak suddenly got the sickening feeling that when Julian past on,hopefully after a long life,the federation,Earth officials would probably try and down play all the good he did. Would he be delegated to the depths of federation archives, forgotten except for his lies. The very thought made Garak wince. Julian should have just left Star Fleet. He'd said it before, a fully trained doctor was welcome. But Julian was determined to remain. The human could be so stubborn.

He was about to call it a night when he received an encrypted message from one of his old undercover operatives in the Federation. Surgically altered, Portak had been in deep cover for nearly thirty years. He'd never been found.

Garak watched the short message and didn't like the fear in his friends eyes, the unease that bled through his usually cool exterior. Garek had always believed that Portak had come to enjoy his role a little to much. To be honest he thought Portak had gone native. The fact he had fought to remain on earth was something of a sore point between them. The last time he had been worried about earth had been when the Borg had attacked, He had that same fearful look now.

And then he opened the file that came with the message.

He had to find Julian.

* * * * *

Julian was asleep when Garak found him, on his back with Kukaklaka resting on his chest. He made an endearing picture. He hated the idea of waking him but he didn't have a choice.

"Julian, Julian you must wake up."He said quietly and gently shook Julian's shoulder. The skin was warm and smooth under his fingers. For a moment his mind went elsewhere but he forced it back on point as Julian began to stir from his slumber. The human rubbed his eyes before he looked at Garak.

"Computer, time?"

"The time is 03:12."

"Good grief Garak what are you-"

"Section 31 is re starting the Augment program."Garak said, not bothering to sugar coat it."They have started growing the embryos, but are intentionally breeding them to be hostile towards none human life or to be spies."

Julian looked at him like he was mad for a moment."Do you have proof."


"How? How on earth could you have information."

"I'm in contact with a Deep Cover operative who has elected to remain where he is rather than return home. He has information on Cardassian interest that he would hand over if we attempted to force him to leave."

Julian looked confused. "A defector."

"More like a Retired Spy. He simply lives and works as a Federation citizen now with Starfleet."

"That isn't possible. I thin star fleet would notice if-"Realization dawned on his face."He's like the operatives on Bajor isn't he? A Cardassian altered to look human."

"Yes. Loyal to no one but himself and those he owes a favor to. And it would seem he is as worried about this development as I am."

"What proof do ypou have of this."

"Medical data and several video files."Garak stepped back as Julian stood up."They already have twenty prototype augments being grown. So far as I can tell they are going to be growing them at an accelerated rate. First live births are estimated to happen within a month."

"They won't be fully mature though. They'll have the minds of children."

"They'll have the very intelligent minds of fast learning children. They would become very dangerous very quickly Julian. And Loyal only to Section 31."

Julian began stripping out of his pajamas and into uniform and Garak turned away for a moment, suddenly feeling quite warm. He had seen Julian unclothed in his store before but this was a little different. This was his bedroom, and a little respect for privacy was to be expected.

"Did he give you anything more."

Garak hesitated,"There, there using samples of your DNA as a baseline."

Julian froze. He turned slowly, half into his uniform."What?"

"They have been using the genetic changes you were put through as a baseline for the new augments. Half of them are from you, the other half from an unknown female that was a part of the Darwin Genetic Research experiments."

Julian swayed and Garak went forward to guide him to the bed so he could sit rather than fall down. He looked shocked, and he reached up and grabbed Garak's arm. "This is what my father gave them isn't it."

"He isn't in prison. There saying he is in the medical ward but he hasn't been seen by anyone, not even doctors. Many pf the medical staff that worked on your enhancements are missing. I think I know where they went."Garak took Julian's hand in his.,"We need to make plans Julian. If Section 31 realizes we know I doubt they will hesitate to silence both of us. We need to be able to leave very quickly, and we will need Sisko's help to do that."

"We can't leave. There is a war on and I am needed here."

"I know. But soon we may not have a choice and I would much prefer being alive than dead. And we both know Section 31 will kill both of us if they can."

Julian knew he was right. They needed to speak to Sisko. Julian doubted he would try and run, but Garak would do his best to try and convince him to go. And to be perfectly honest if the Starfleet was sanctioning these experiments, could he really think of a reason to stay?

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Damar watched the screen and tried to figure put what at the Federation had done to the old Weyoun. What ever it was it was effective. A part of him believed the footage he was watching was fake. Another part insisted that they could use this. Well,this and the fact Weyoun Seven was practically falling apart. After viewing the footage he gad hyperventilated and fainted. Damar had fought the urge to laugh and had him taken to medical.

They were on Darriel Four,one of Cardassia's farming colonies. There had been a small uprising after the Gul in charge had been found to be selling off the excess food produce to Ferengi Traders. It was meant to belong to the farmers. The locals wanted the Gull executed. They'd been living hand to mouth for years and now they find out there trusted Gull had been growing rich off there backs? Usually Cardassian government would have allowed the locals to deal with it,but the Dominion insisted on a trail. They had to show fairness to all Dominion subjects,be they street urchin or Honoured leader. With all the evidence this Gull was Dead with a capital D but they dtill had to deal with a trail. And several angry Ferengi who wanted their grain and Zitter eggs. So they made sure the trail went a head and the Ferengi went away and they could all go home. Until then he had to think of a way to get Weyoun to stop being so...un-Weyoun like. And he really had no idea how to do that.

He turned off the screen and decided to check on the Vorta in question.

Weyoun's quarters overlooked some of the best views on the planet,something wasted on the aesthetically challenged creature. Not that he was looking anyway. The drapes were drawn and he could smell alcohol. Weyoun lay face down on the bed,shirtless and half a bottle of replicated spirits on the bed side table,along with a hypo spray of what could only be a anti intoxication medicine. In case he was called upon. Ready to work at all times.

The fact that Weyoun was drinking was something that worried Damar a little.

"Weyoun? Are you okay?"he asked. Weyoun grumbled and pushed himself up.

"What's wrong?"he asked.

"Nothing. I just wanted to check up on you. You've not been your usual Serviant self lately." He answered.

"Well considering my predecessor had committed the greatest sin imaginable to our kind,I'd say that I've been a little pre occupied of late."

"Enough to take a leaf out of my book?"Damar motioned to the bottle."Really."

"Its not like its working. I feel a little fuzzy,but that's it."Weyoun seemed disappointed."Now would you kindly go else where."

"No." Damar went and sat down."I wondered if you might like a drinking partner. Or someone to nag you until your back to normal."

Weyoun sat up and swung his legs off the bed. He scowled at Damar."I neither require or want your help."

"Well tough."Damar crossed his arms and real anger flashed in Weyoun eyes as he marched over to him. Ther was the slightest flicker of fear in Damar's stomach as Weyoun leaned over him.

"We both now that neither of us actually gives a damn about the other. Personally I wouldn't shed a tear if you snapped your neck falling out of bed, and we both know that Weyoun five had no 'accident'. If I could prove I would personally pull the trigger at your execution. The only reason you are in power is because you are easily led and make a half decent puppet.

"Really?" Damar asked and quick as lightning shoved Weyoun back,shoving him until he had him pinned. Weyoun struggled and gritted his teeth.

"If I killed you now you'd be replace within a few days. How many could I get rid of before you were forgotten? Hmm?"Damar tightened his grip on his throat."Have you given up on your-Urgh!"

Weyoun wrapped his legs about Damar's waist and yanked him down before rolling them both over. He rug his fingers into delicate neck ridges and Damar suddenly realized he should have thought this a bit better. A drunken Weyoun was obviously a dangerous one and the sharp nails at his throat. Weyoun leaned in close enough for Damar to feel his breath on his face. It smelt bitter and Damar honestly couldn't place it. But then those dainty hands on his neck clenched and those nails began to pierce his scales.

"Don't Damar. I may not be built for violence but I am certainly capable of it If need be."

"I fought you were above such acts of violence? Maybe Defectiveness is catching?"

Weyoun looked shocked and Damar congratulated himself on snapping Weyoun out of this ridiculous behavior. Weyoun let go of his throat and he smirked.

"Glad your finally seeing-"


The fist connected with his face before Weyoun got off him and turned to lean against the wall,hands braced against the wall. breathing hard.

"Ow."he said,"You've got a hard jaw."

"You can only blame yourself."Damar could taste blood."I certainly didn't tell you punch me."

"You called me defective. And as you said,I was taking a leaf out of your book when it comesto drowning sorrows. Your not the only one who has problems."Weyoun said and stood up straight."And it is most certainly not like me. But right now I don't want to be me. I had five perfectly obedient lives behind me. One aboration has ruined all of it."

Damar sat up and tongued the rapidly swelling lip. "How on earth am I going to explain a split lip."

"There's a dermal regenerator in the bedside table. You can pass me the anti intoxicant whilst your there."Weyoun looked about the room."Lights up 30 percent."

He winced as the room was illuminated and shook his head. He wasn't used to getting drunk,or trying to. He located his shirt and shrugged into it. He looked up and saw Damar had put the hypo spray on the end of the bed. After injecting himself the fuzziness left his brain and he felt the pain in his hand.

"I you may need this too?"Damar said and lifted the re generator. His lip was back to normal, just a slight smear of blood left. Weyoun took the generator."I guess calling you...that was a step to far?"

"Does your sore lip tell you that or did you figure it out on your own."

"Well maybe it was needed. You can't spend all your time in here. I need you tomorrow to make sure the J'hem Hadar don't kill anyone whilst keeping the populace from lynching the Gul."

"Believe me I have it taken care of. The last thing I need is for unruley soldiers making my life harder." Weyoun ran the re generator over his hand and watch the skin heal,but the pain didn't go away.

"Wonderful. I may have broken my hand."

Damar did laugh."Are you blaming me for that as well?"

"Of course. Hard headed Cardassian."Weyoun couldn't keep the humor from his voice."I have to stop listening to you. Every time I do I end up in more trouble."

"I don't force you to listen."Damar went to Weyoun at looked at his hand. "Two fingers are out of alignment. They'll need resetting."

Weyoun looked Damar in the eye. "I know your up to something. I know you covered up Weyoun's Defection." Damar froze and Weyoun did laugh."Now the Founder Believes that Weyoun has been altered by the Federation. All off which takes suspicion away from me and you. I don't know what kind of game your playing Damar,but I will figure it out."

Damar straightened his his shoulders and said"I wanted to keep my head on my shoulders. We both know your right. I'm a puppet. But I can at least try and figure out a way to keep Cardassian interests at the forefront of this war. Having the Dominion representative on my side should help."

Weyoun raised an eyebrow at him. His smile did diminish but it didn't disappear. "Well,it seems you are filling Dukat's shoes quite well. I'll have to keep an eye on you."

Weyoun turned to search for his jacket as Damar wen to the door.

"I mean it Weyoun. I need you to be your normal self. Snap out of whatever mood it is making you so...odd and get back work. This war isn't go to fight its self."

Weyoun nodded."Your coping techniques obviously aren't for everyone."

Damar bit his tongue and opened the door. Weyoun headed of towards the nearest medical centre. Damar watched as he turned the corner of the corridor before lifting his hand to his throat to touch the pin pricks of blood at his throat. He'd have to get those dealt with before anyone noticed them,but you couldn't really see them under his collar. He hadn't wanted Weyoun to see the damage he had done. The last thing he needed was for the vorta to know he could hurt Damar.

Smug barstard would rub it in.

* * * * *

Weyoun hated to admit it but Dama was right. He hadn't been behaving normaly. But how could he knowing what that defective with his face had done? Other vorta looked at him strange. The newest Borath was holding him personally responsible for what had happened to the last clone. Kilana wasn't blaming him but she was avoiding him. The rest pretended he didn't exist unless they had to work with him. It was rather hurtful,but he couldn't blame them. He'd be behaving the same way in their place.

He needed to concentrate on his job, and help end this war so he could track down his errant clone and deal with the problem.

As he went to the medical centre he came up with a lie to explain a broken hand and a plan to re contact one of his newer allies. He had several avenues of interest to investgate.

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Weyoun snapped awake as someone barged into his quarters, and he saw that it was Odo.

"Get up. We just got news that two starships have bee destroyed in Denobluan space. One klingon, one Federation. Their sensor logs show it was a small ship, and it wasn't normal Dominion design."

"I thought we had another twenty four hours before the first attacks were expected?"Weyoun asked and swiftly slipped into his cloths.

"Its seems they started early. The Defiant is on its way back now with Keevan and Borath. Then the ship will head out again. We're doubling security and to make sure your safe we'll be assigning shared living quarters with the stations permanent Star fleet residents."

"Who am I sharing with?"

"Me, for tonight. By tomorrow you will have moved on but right now we can't risk revenge attacks."Odo led him to the door and checked outside. "I'd use the transporter to get you there but there down at the moment. follow me and stay close."

They moved through the corridors and Weyoun was fighting the urge to vomit. How many soldiers were being sacrificed? How many Vorta were leading the charge. Was Weyoun Seven working on this or had he been killed? After all he did try and kill another Founder. Had attempted to lie. But then again there was a chance that Weyoun seven was as defected as he had been. It was a slim chance, but it was there.

They made it Odo's quarters without anyone stopping them and Weyoun thought that just eight days before he would have been wetting himself with excitement at the mear thought of sleeping in the same quarters as a Changling. Now he just felt a little inconvenienced.

"Do they have a count for the number of dead."he asked.

"Not yet. So far all we know is that at least two dozen of these ships have been spotted I and around Dinobulan space, and two were seen heading towards Chronos's moons."

"Isn't that a little close to the Klingon homeworld. There no way they could get close enough to cause any real damage"

"They don't have to Weyoun, they just need to be able to get past a ships shields."

Running a hand through his hair Weyoun wondered how long it would take for the Star fleet residents decided they wanted to take there anger out on him. Maybe he should move down to Bajor. It would certainly give him more places to hide. But he was pretty sure he wouldn't make it off the station.

"Okay. So is there a plan to stop them or is Starfleet hoping for a miracle."

"Well they got you didn't they?"

Weyoun froze,"They are so screwed."

Odo smirked,"Maybe your being a little premature in your pessimism."

Before Weyoun could say anything the room shook and the sound of an impact filled the room.

"Odo to Kira, what just happened?"

"We're under attack by three small ships. I think they might-"The station shook again and Weyoun staggered.

If these attacks got any worse then the station's shield would fail and Weyoun knew that they wouldn't stand a chance against three suicide vessels. They would be destroyed. Kira commed them again and ordered them to come to the Ops. Weyoun might know something that could help them. The corridors were no longer empty,so Odo and Weyoun had to fight against civilians as they try to make the way to safety it to safety but it was difficult to find a turbo lift that would take them to Ops without them accidentally bringing civilians along.

The the lifts them selves weren't much safer than the corridors, this was because Cardassian lifts ran with certain circuits exposed. One lucky hit from the enemy and they could be fried. Weyoun wasn't particularly happy with that idea but they didn't have the time to climb through the conduits to get to Ops. After what seemed like an eternity they got to Ops and found it a mess. Two stations were inoperative and something was on fire. Odo went and found a fire surpressor whilst Weyoun went to Kira.

"Can you get me an image of the ships?"Weyoun asked.

"W managed to take out one but so far we haven't been able to get a decent lock on them. there moving to fast."Kira said as the station locked."Sheilds are at 34% and dropping. Nearest ship to us is A klingon vessel but their at least twelve minutes away at warp 5." We might be able to keep the shield up another eight minutes.? Another Conduit exploded and Kira was slammed back against a terminal. Weyoun went to help but saw that the shields were losing power.

"I'm rerouting power from the lower left pylon weapons. There too damaged to work without repair. That should by us three minutes more of shielding. I need a your command code."

Kira looked at him like he was mad."How do I know you won't drop the shielding and let them end us?"

"Well if you don't we have eight-'The station was hit again and something in the engineering section exploded. "sorry,six minutes of shielding before we die. So take your pick."

"Kira,give him the code."Odo said as he tried to put out another fire."We have to do something. And three minutes of shielding is definitely worth it."

Kira looked at Odo and then Weyoun before nodding."Computer,command code 18 Delta Tango 56. Allow temporary computer access to The Weyoun clone in Ops."

Weyoun quickly rerouted power and the shields had eight and half minutes,just as a message popped up saying that a Romulan vessel had decloacked was firing on the enemy ship.

"Romulan vessel is hailing us."Weyoun said."Shall I answer."

"Yes."Kira said and went up to the main console."This is Kira Neryse of Deepspace Nine. Thanks for the rescue."

"Your welcome. Once we've delt with the third ship do we have permission to board. We have Admiral Tarbec on board and he must speak with you immediately."

"When we've dealt with our injure and the worst of damage we'll hail you. We can't risk your people if our station explodes."

"We have enigineers willing to help. Our meeting is urgent. Any help to expedite repairs will be rendered."

"Understood. Kira out."

Weyoun watched as yhe last ship evaded the Romulans,and fire several torpedoes to try and herd the Suicide ship. It worked and the last ship was gone.

Such a small ship. It was nothing but engine and weapons. and not even sophisticated weapons. The scans and sensors showed the remains of Golvansite and Erandium. Commonly used in asteroid mining because it gave maximum damage for a relatively small amount. It wasn't the kind of thing they usually used. Hell even miners even miners were using more sophisticated explosives to refine their mining techniques.

To his great distress he also realized that the three J'hem Hadar weren't even aware that what had happened was wrong. They were probably the new kind of soldier. Born ready to die,ready to serve straight out the tank. How long had they been alive? A day,two? Or mere hours. The length of time it took to get strapped into a ship and find their target?

How many lives were being sacrificed to fuel this war?

"Weyoun,are you even listening to us?"

"No." he looked up at and annoyed looking Kira but something of his thoughts must have shown on his face because her face seemed less severe."Those ships are nothing like I've seen be-"he stopped as memory caught up with him."No,I do know those ships. The engines." He pulled the sensor logs up on screen and began to search through the data.

"You recognise the engine?"Odo asked.

"Oh yes. There from the Yolalas system. Not really space fairing. Explorers mainly,for personnel growth and such. They have designed fast engines that can economies on fuel. The only drawback is the ships can't be used on large ships. But those are the-yes they are. I know these ships."

Kira came and enlarged the image of the ship."How well of these ships?"

"Every Vorta knows them. We have to study them as a part of basic training in order to check that we will fit unto our professions. Make sure we have the right attributes." he grinned wide,his markings making him look a little younger."Between us we can come up with a pretty decent set of schematics."

"Now that is useful. But right now I'm going to need you helping here. I'll start making repairs up here and keep an eye on you."Kira said,"You might as well give me a hand. Odo,your needed on the Promenade and the habitate ring. Your deputies are waiting for orders."

* * * * *

The promenade was a mess and there were injured were spilling out of the Medical Bay. People were trying to make repairs but there weren't enough trained hands. Odo was currently trying to organize the injured so that those who need the least treatment would get access to a med kit. That would at least Alleviate some of the cases the medical staff had to deal with.

Quark had the bar open to station civilians and was actually being helpful. Or at least that's what Odo thought until he saw to Bajoran fixing several broken tables. But everyone else in there at least had access to a safe place so Odo left him do it. He really didn't have time to hang around and-

Someone on the other end of the promenade screamed and Odo took off running. He reached the school and found himself confronted by three J'hem Hadar soldiers. They appeared to have a hostage. He was about to try and negotiate when all three dropped to their knees and placed there hands behind their heads.

"We defect. We wish to speak with Weyoun." One of them said. Odo stood in shock for a moment before he ordered the three J'hem Hadar captured. Their hostage was bound and struggling,hands held behind his back with three separate sets of cuffs and the gag covering most of his lower face. It was a Vorta, a female and she was desperately trying to bite through the gag.

"Do not release her. She will try to kill herself and we need her alive."the same soldier said."She's the one who designed the White."

* * * * *

Wyounn was under a work station trying to stop the damn thing from electrocuting him. He had two small burns on one hand and every time he swore someone giggled. He eventually got fed up and came out from under neath it.

"I give up. The dratted thing keeps doubling the feedback every time I try to re-connect. " he said.

"Did you try and re route it throu-"

"The KMI. Yes. All that did was make it spark." Weyoun looked over at Kira."Anything else I can do?"

"You can head up to the office and grab me a Forticulan Scanner. Top draw of Sisko's desk."

"Okay." Weyoun went up to the office and the moment the door shut it locked,and the screen on the desk came on.

"Weyoun. Are you there?"

"Borath?" Weyoun asked confusedly."How did you get access to-"

"No time. There are J'hem Hadar on board the station. Two ships just blew up the suicide vessels and surrendered to us. They say that there defecting because you've got Alani on board."

"We've just been attacked Borath. If any J'hem Hadar made it on board then they'll probably dead by now."

Borath huffed."Check. If they ha e Alani they we have the maker of the white/ The federation would very much like it if you could do your little trick and get her on our side before she kills herself."

"And why isn't Commander Sisko telling me this."

"Because Commander Sisko is sleeping off a blow to the head from a angry bulkhead." Borath explained,"I was asked to tell you because everyone else is trying to make sure we don't get shot at." He looked very annoyed and looked up at someone off screen,"I'm being motioned at. Just find her."

The screen went blank and Weyoun looked up and jumped as Odo materialized at the door leading from Sisko's office to a staircase.

"Let me guess,we have visitors?"

"I take it we're not alone in that aspect?"

"No Constable Odo,we are not."sighing Weyoun asked,"Is Alani really here?"

"I have her in guest quarters sedated. The main Mediacl bay is too over crowded. The J'hem Hadar are under guard in one of the empty storage bays. I've given the order that if they try anything the bay doors are to be opened."

"A bit extreme don't you think."

"Not when I consider you had computer access less than half an hour ago."

Weyoun wanted to feel insulted but he realized that he really could make an argument in defense of himself. "Fine. But I don't know what will happen if she's sedated when I go to her. Will we be able to wake her up?"

"That shouldn't be a problem. We'll take this route down,its probably safer." Odo led the way and they spent ten minutes climbing down steps and ladders before getting to a turbo lift. They found the guest quarters only to see one of the guards Lifting Alani back onto the bed she'd attempted to falll off of.

"I thought you sedated her."

"I did."Odo said.

"Sorry sir. She's been muttering and trying to get away. We had to cuff her on her side because she kept trying to reach for her neck."The guard said.

"She's always been known for her obedience. She's the only vorta to have achieve over thirty lives. Sh's nearly 1200."

"That's impressive. How many lives has she gone through?" the guard asked.

"Last count? 198."

Weyoun could remember being in awe of this women. The idea of serving for so long was a fate many vorta sought. Sadly barely a handful had managed it over the years. Most managed twenty, maybe thirty lives before their lines are terminated. Most aren't told unless its as punishment. One day you could wake up to find your friend was gone, or your lover had vanished.

With any luck they could help stop that

"Okay,I think we can we can wake her up." Weyoun said and waited for Odo to hand hypo spray. Within seconds of administration Alani's eyes fluttered open and she looked about the room. She smiled in relief when she saw Odo, but it disappeared when she laid eyes on Weyoun.

"Traitor."She hissed. Weyoun doubted he would ever get used to that look. She tossed and turned and tried to pull away but she nearly fell off the bed. "You will not make me defect. You will not."

"Alani, please be calm."He said, this is for your own good. I promise it is."

"Do you have any idea what you've done? The Founders are losing trust in us. They have started to run mass defect screenings."

Weyoun rolled his eyes. "The only thing that will do is show if they have any that were missed first time around. Which is doubtful."

"If that were true then how do you explain your self?"

"I don't. I got lucky."

The look of absolute hate she gave him made everyone in the room shuffle a tiny bit back, and Weyoun had to force himself to go to her.

"It will be over quickly."He said as he reached for her.He went to lay a hand on her shoulder, hoping it would be a comfort when-"Ow!"

"What!"Odo came forward and the guard's hand went for his phaser.

"She bit me!"

And on Weyoun's hand was a perfect set of teeth marks.


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I thought I'd tell people that I've moved the We Are Vorta Series to its own Folder in my Gallery just to help myself and others find it easily.

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