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With the other vorta off the station for who knew how long,Weyoun was left alone and bored. He had no idea how yo fill his time. He had thought of contacting the klingon again,but the news of his death was all over the station and Weyoun was surprised by how upset it had made him. Kor had been a fine man. Staring out of the window he once again marveled at how his sight had improved and enjoyed the site of the worm hole opening. It was a meteor.or at least looked like one. They passed through the wormhole from time to time and the mines soon made short work of the rock. The explosion was bright. Colorful. Many would describe it as pretty.

Weyoun wondered if that ability would return to them as well. Would they see beauty as others did? Would they grow speechless at a sight they could not describe. Would they fall madly in love with someone they didn't know simply from a glance? He didn't know. What he did no was that he was impossibly bored. He had searched the database for thing to pique his interest but had found nothing yet. He wondered about his last vision and eventually got up from the couch to go.

"Computer,list known fighting styles that keep you low to the ground?"he asked.

"List compiling,list complete.Over six thousand nine and twenty three know styles that keep the center of the bodies gravity low to the ground."

"Now shorten list to include only those style good for a species. That below the average height and or build for basic mammalian humanoid."

The computer was silent a moment.

"Seven hundred and twelve."

"Now eliminate any that cannot integrate weapon use." Weyoun took a seat at the desk and switched on the screen.

"There are four hundred and fifty one types of fighting style that fit the criteria."

"Computer.list the names of each with a short video of the style if possible."

It took afew moment for the relevant information to come up. When it did Weyoun shifted his weight so he could get a little more comfortable."play first video."

* * * * *

Four hour later and Weyound was asleep. He didn't here the door chime nor did he hear it open untill he found Odo looking down at him.

"My apologies. I believe i dozed off."

"So i see. Do you mind explaining why your researching a rather dangerous video selection."

For a moment Weyoun was confused. But then realized that he may have chosen the wrong kind of material to view.

"I should have run this by Captain Sisko." he said.

Odo raised his eyebrows or at least the parts that were meant to be eyebrows and then shook his head.

"Perhaps. Do you mind telling me why you were looking at it."

"A vision. I wrote about it. I was trying to see if anything in here looked familiar to what i saw in the vision" Weyoun explained. He watched as Odo pulled a confused face. Only it wasn't him the shape shifter was looking at. It was something behind behind him.

The asteroid or meteor or whatever it had been was obviously. Not just some hunk of space debris. It was light. Pure solid light that hovered for a moment before streaming through the window and into the console, so bright both occupants shielded their eyes. When it eventually died down they both looked at the computer and the unique lettering upon the screen. Weyoun knew what it was immediately,though was a little worried by how he knew it was there. He sat forward in the chair.

"Computer,what am I looking at?"

"Traditional vorta fighting style. File is approxi-"

"Colonel Kire to Odo,what the hell just happened?"

Odo pressed his com badge,"It lpoks as though we were sent a subspace datafile. It would appear the prophets have gone digital." he pulled Weyoun from his chair,"I think someone should come and check the consol."

"I'll send a team down. Bring weyoun to Ops. I'd like a private word with him."

"On our way,Odo out."

Weyou looked out at the space the worm hole was."Why can't they just leave me be?"

* * * * *

"Can someone please tell me why we now have an entirely new file in the stations computer?"Kira asked.

"Colonel,if i had a any idea then i would tell you,but i am as confused as you are. I was looking for something that might be familiar to som-"

"Something you sure in a vision. We know. But why is it now in the computer."

"That should be quite obvious." a new voice said,and the three turned to see Kai Winn in the doorway."My apologies Colonel,but i had to come. The Vadek's of the Temple of time have been speaking of New knowledge. I have come to ensure it is put to good use." she said.

'Kai Winn. We still haven't ascertained if the information is safe or not." Kira explained as she stood.

Kai Winn nodded,"I can understand. But I must see what has been done, and am willing to except the consequences. I merely need to see what has been left by the prophets."

"Kai Winn, I have a team looking at what was uploaded to the system. I will inform you the moment they have finished their tests. But until then i can't allow you to view the files."

Kai Winn didn't look happy but she did. Relent. Then may i speak privately with Weyoun."

Weyoun looked surprised. But he really shouldn't have considered this women's 'god's' had put him into this situation. They were probably as eager to understand as he was. Kira thought for a moment.

"That I can allow. We'll be done here in about an hour. I'll send someone to the the temple to fetch you when we are done."

"That would be fine. I will see you shortly Weyoun."Kai Winn gave Kira one more look before leaving again.

"I don't suppose we can come up with a reason not to speak with her."

"What's wrong. Don't you like the Kai?" Kira asked,slight disdain in her voice.

"Its not a question of like. But I have a feeling that she may try convince me to convert. And replacing on god with another isn't something I really want to do.",

Now this was something Kira could understand. The Vadeks of Bajor saw the freeing of the Vorta a some kind of sign. What the prophets were trying to say no one knew but bith Sisko and Kira were constantly rejecting requests for vadek's to visit and speak to Weyoun. Hopefully allowing Kai to speak with him would stop some from making further requests. But at that moment Kira wanted a few words with him herself so the Kai would just have to wait.

* * * * *

Kai Win was waiting outside his door when he returned to it. He had been expecting this. He had not been expecting her to be alone. No vadeks trailed after her,and she seemed very,very quiet. This wasn't something Weyoun was used to.

"Hello Weyoun."

"Kai Winn. You look well."

"And you look...different."

"I've no doubt. Would you like to come in?" Weyoun thought he'd best get this conversation over with. She nodded and followed him into his quarters.

"Can i offer you some tea."he asked,and she nodded. He went to the replicator and ordered whilst she looked about his room. He could tell that she thought it was rather bare. Everyone who came to his quarters thought that.

"Have a seat. I believe you wished to speak with me?"

She sat and excepted the tea. "Yes. I have have come to you with an offer."

Weyoun's eyebrows shot up. "And what would that offer be?"

"The council of vadeks has asked me to offer you a place on Bajor."

Weyoun froze with his drink half way to his lips. Putting it down on the table he cleared his throat and asked."I'm sorry could you please repeat that."

"The council is of the opinion,as am i,that your new found freedom was a gift. And that those who follow the path of the prophets should be here to help guide you and your people."

To be perfectly honest Weyoun had no idea what he should say next, without a doubt knew he had to be careful. He didn't want to seem ungrateful, especially considering-

"Of course we don't expect a dicision right away. It is far to soon, and too dangerous, for you to try and make those kind of divisions. Once things have settled and you are able to an informed decision. After all, we still don't know how many of your kind could end up settling with you."

"That's quite right. I have no idea how many vorta will join me. You don't want to have to house half my species." Weyoun said. He quickly downed half his tea as he desperately tried to think of something to say. Thankfully the computer beeped to tell him he had a message. Swiftly moving to the screen he felt a wave of relief."You may wish to return to your quarters after your tea. I've just the received the contents of the files and no doubt you'll find them waiting for you on your own computers."

Kai Winn's face lit up at the news. "I am glad to here. But do feel free to send me a message should you require any help

"That is most appreciated."

* * * * *

He found the style of fighting he had seen in his vision, and was utterly confused as to how anyone could fight like that. But then again he wasn't a fighter. He was a politician and occasionally a scientist, but no warrior. As he read over each pose and position and his head and tried to figure out how easily he would be able to learn something like that. Perhaps he could ask about basic self defense lessons and go from there? But who would be willing to teach him.

He finally forced himself to leave the console so he could rest his eyes. The time on his chronometer he wore told him that he'd been staring at that screen for five hours. He needed to take a break and-

"Private message for Weyoun." the computer said.

"Go ahead and play it."

"Weyoun,its Kiliana. I needed to let you know that i've been asked to speak to another three captured vorta. But i decided i should speak with you first."

Weyoum wasn't surprised by this. He had expected the federation to want to convert as many vorta as possible. The more vorta on there side,the more information they could collect. He wouldn't be surprised if the federation didn't attempt to try an capturing more vorta just to get more up to date information. Maybe they could find out something that would help them.

He sat down at the console again and replayed it so he could here the full message.

"I think it would be a good idea. One of the people they have is Dera. He worked on the J'hem Hadar genetics. He may be able to do something about their reliance on the white. Or come up with a way of disabling them on the battle field. I've got 28 hours to give my keepers and answer. So if you could get back to me soon that. would be great."

The message ended,and had probably been vetted by half an half of starfleet. So he recorded a reply telling to do as she saw fit and sent it with luck before switching off the console and heading to the replicator. He needed it.
We Are Vorta-Waiting-Chapter Two
another installment. sorry for the wait but work got in the way of life
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Once back at the Station Weyoun had no real idea what he was meant to do next. He'd had no more visions, Borath was off helping the doctor and Keevan was with Worth de cussing the security protocols for something Weyoun simply couldn't figure out. He was bored. He didn't wish to leave the quarters he'd been given because Every time he did the people who saw him seemed t be contemplating murder. Preferable his. He'd tried reading but had given up after an hour. He'd tried to listening to music and couldn't find anything that didn't make his  ears ache. And when he'd tried writing again he simply couldn't think of anything. After five hours of nothing he would have welcomed a vision.

Eventually he went and lay down,hi mind wandering. He thought about Borath and blushed. The kiss and been good,but very confusing. He'd always believed he was male,and had been happy about it. He'd taken lovers. But right now his body was different. So was he. He wasn't exactly sure he could have sex. Obviously the vision version of him-

Weyoun sat bolt upright. Pregnant. Vision him was pregnant.Did that mean he could? That was just a terrifying prospect. He went over of the computer and told it,"Give me a list of all known contraceptives available."

He sat the computer for nearly two hours. In fact he only looked up when the door chimed and he he said enter.

"Don't suppose you want company for dinner?"

"Your not touching me until I see a doctor."

Borath blinked several times."I think I'm going to need a little mire information for that sentence to make sense."

Weyoun looked up at him."I could get pregnant.I would rather I didn't."

"Pregnant? Don't be ridiculous." Borath said with a laugh.When Weyoun didn't laugh as well he went silent

"Not such a funny thought right now is it."

"Okay,so we can get you to see Dr Bashir tomorrow, but right now I want to talk to your about bout today. You won't believe the kind of ideas Julian has for-"

Weyoun snorted as he turned off the monitor and went over to the replica tor."I'm sorry, Julian? Did you make a friend today Borath."

"Oh, just order something. And nothing spicy. Bajorian food always ends up melting my tongue."

"WheN have you eaten Bajorian food?"

"Federation Prisons really like to keep their prisoners well looked after. I think the fact they treat us so well is meant to be psychological war fair. Like we should be lucky we have them. Quite a clever tactic really."

Weyoun smiled and ordered Steamed vegetables and something called chicken. Simple, plain and it wouldn't hurt Borath's taste buds. He set it on the table as Borath prattled on about his day,about Julian and about how many Klingons were on the station.That got his attention.

"Why are their so many Kllingons?"

"Oh, who knows. Just don't get to close. More than one made some discouraging remarks and a few smelled like they wanted to hurt me. Mostly it was curiosity. I was ushered here pretty quickly. I think That the doctor wanted to avoid me spitting at any of them."

Weyoun nodded."It is nice to know we can defend ourselves.Though I think we may need a couple of Gritta sticks to-"

"Gritta Sticks? What are they?" Borath asked with genuine curiosity. Weyoun had no idea, and honestly-

* ** * *

He should have seen it coming. Th air of the jungle was no surprise to him, but to Borath it seemed miraculous. They didn't speak,but they could communicate. They were communicating by smell. They were friendly, slightly playful and Weyoun noticed that they were dressed differently.

He wore trousers that ended halfway up the legs, and a belted shirt that rose up his neck. The sash hung to the floor and trailed again the smooth wood. It was living tree, worn smooth by countless generations of feet.

Borath wore the same, though his trousers were looser. He smiled as they began to circle each other. Weyoun felt himself sink as he moved, the natural grace he had coming into play. Borath remained upright as they slowly got closer to each other an-

Borath sprang for him but Weyoun dodged, sinking as low to the ground as he could as fingers grazed his shoulder. As he stood he swung out his arm and his palm made solid contact with Borath's sternum. He stumbled a few steps but righted himself. He grinned as he turned and Weyoun came forwards to swipe t him, but This time Borath dodge. They went on this way for some time.The weren't doing this to hurt each other,just to test each others skills.Neither was the greatest,but they were good. They could defend themselves when needed. But today was just for fun,something to do to pass the time.

Eventually they grew tired and stopped,not to rest but to retrieve their weapons.

These sticks were decorated with carvings,he handles smooth but designed not to slip from th fighters hands. Each was half a metre in length and they ended in curved bone,sharp as any metal. One was held with the blade pointing up,the other with the blade pointed down.
Then he saw that the blade had a thin veneer of metel, and he was confused as to how that could be.

When Weyoun turned Borath was standing with  grin on his face.

* * * **

The arena was gone and Weyoun tried to clear his mind. He smiled as Borath laughed. He turned and saw not a man waiting to fight him,but a joyful look.

"Does it always make your brain tingle so much."

"Only the first few times."

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of that feelin-"

Something impacted with the door and both Vorta looked at each other.

"I'd prefer not to be killed by Kilingons! The Ferengi were enough!"a familiar voice said."So open the damn door!"

"Enter." Weyoun said, all trances of good humor gone. He had been hoping to avoid dealing with Keevan unless he absolutely had to.But he was starting to feel his brain tingle when he thought back to the memories he had of the other vorta. He tried desperately to hold onto the anger but as time past it began to loose its sharpness. And Weyoun Really wanted to keep hating him. He simply didn't trust him.

Keevan stepped into the room and shut the door behind him, but before he could say lock a hand grabbed the edge and pulled it open.

General Martok Stood for a moment before stepping into the room. He ordered the door to shut.

"My apologise for the fear I may have caused, but I had to see this for myself."he said, The security footage of you confrontation with the Founder has been leaked. I don't think their is a single person in the Alpha Quandrant who has not seen it."

"Your a celebrity Weyoun."Keevan said as he backed up, He and Borath put themselves in front of him, natural instinct taking over and annoying to Weyoun no end. Shoving both out of the way he said.

"Is there anything in particular you want or did you just come to looked?"

Martok advanced and Weyoun took the tiniest step back. "You are someone that should be kept an eye on. You may be a friend, but at this moment I am more inclined to believe you are some kind or trick. Genetics are hard to Fight and I do not beveive for one minute that Those....prophets have decided that you are our best option."

"Well then. I guess you'll just have to be proven wrong."Keevan said and wondered how quickly the security force would arrive. He'd been given an emergency beeper that he was to press when assistance was needed and Had pressed down the moment he'd realised he was being followed. Hopefully some one would arrive soon.

Borath could taste a bitter substance in the back of his throat and knew that his fight or flight response was forcing him to   react to the threat. He really didn't want to spray anyone else , that poor security guard had been enough.

But it seemed as though this Klingon didn't want to fight,just to talk.

"Tell me Vorta,what did you feel when you pulled the trigger on your 'god'. "

Weyoun sneered."It was not my god. It was just a very dangerous life form."

"And what did you feel when you ended its life?"

Weyoun didn't know what he should tell the Klingon. So rather than make something up,he chose to tell the truth.

"I felt a great deal of satisfaction."

Martok smiled.

* * * * *

"If you wanted to speak with the vorta then you should have asked for  meeting to be arranged. . We still don't know the effects of their poisons on other species and you have injured three of our security personel."Sisko snapped as he berated Martok."And you may have ruined what little trust we have. I'm am grateful thy need our protection because I don't want to think of the problems we could have if they didn't trust us."

"I will send one of my men to apologise. In fact I know just the one. But I see have no future problems." Martok sat down and grinned,"We are lucky. Weyoun has a dangerous side to him. It will certainly make life more interesting."

"Martok,right now I would be grateful for a little boredom."

Looking out at the wormhole began to wonder if the Prophets actually knew what they were doing. He trusted them to a point but at that moment he was completely out of his depth.Star fleet didn't know what it wanted,unable to decide whether it wanted to imprision Them all or use their knowledge. .What they had learned from Borath and Keevan almost made up for the fact that The Dominion knew Keevan was alive.

He'd been contacted by Bashir with the news that the implant had used their own subspace transmitter had sent the signal saying Keevan's memory had successfully downloaded. This meant they no longer had the element of surprise.

"Can I ask who you are sending to apologise."

* * * * *

Kor stood in the doorway of the vorta's room, blood wine in hand and feeling like an errand boy. He had not wanted this duty,but he could hardly turn it down when his chance of an honourable death was at stake. The Vorta was giving him a disbelieving look as he accerpted the apology.

"I'm told its tradition to share Blood Wine. Would you like to come in or..."

Kor was not expecting this."I did not think that the Vorta followed tradition."

"I'm not your average vorta. And I really don't want to drink alone."Weyoun didn't want to drink at all, but he was bored and both Borath and Keevan had been called away for some kind emergency. This was a welcome distraction.

"You look different from the hollow vids."

"I've undergone certain...changes. Now what kinds of glasses do we need?"

"Wine Goblets will do. There should be programmed in already."Kor said as he looked about the quarters. They were bare and lonely looking. Weyoun seemed to read his mind.

"Its boring, but I'm afraid I don't really have the imagination or culture to decorate. I only know what the worm hole aliens tell me."

Kor smiled,"Ah,the infamous Prophets. I have been told a lot about there interference."Setting the bottle down he looked out the window."I will never understand what they are. Nothing but spirits that come and bother us only when it suits them."

"Well, I rather owe them my freedom, so I can't really say much against them."Weyoun set down the glasses and motioned for Kor to sit. The bottle was opened and poured, the smell making Weyoun's stomach turn and grumble at the same time. He took a sip and the texture was familier yet unfamiliar as well. He also felt the sharp tang of alcohol that told him it was a potent drink. "You shouldn't apologise for what he did,I find it distasteful to get your underlings to apologise for what you've done."

"My feelings exactly."Said as he drank. It was a good vintage. "Might I ask why he came here?Or is it another secret plot?"

"No plot. He just wantedf to meet little old me."Weyoun answered and looked down at the liquid he was drinking."I think that if I had a sense of taste I would really like this. It seems, familiar for some reason."

"I always wondered how familiarity felt to your kind. A clone could spemspend itsen tire existance in space, and yet have the memories of walking on solid ground."

Weyoun raised an eyebrow, and then felt bad. Scent was telling him there was something wrong with this Klingon. Not an illness, but old age. He was nearing the end. Weyoun could smell it so clearly. He'd heard of this one. Kor, a master of some warfair he'd never really thought about.

"I have heard of you. Are't you,what was it now, Kor the Dahar Master? Is that right."

Kor smilede and nodded. "You have heard of me."

"Rumnors and stories. Even the J'hem Hadar speak of you. They find Klingons a great chellage. There are few who hold that honor."

Kor swelled with pride and the 'old' scent faded. As he spoke it was with pride. He told Weyoun of his friends and of Dax, Jadzia,not Ezri. Apparently thoguh a good person, she was nothing like the old incarnation.

"Now there was a women who could weild a Bat'leth. "he smiled. Weyoun tilted his head.

Weyoun thought for a moment. His vision from earlier had made an imprint, so he asked,"How do you go about building a weapon?"

Kor stopped talking."And why would you wish to know that?"

"The wormhole aliens showed something. A part of our culture. We weilded something called Gritta sticks. They looked quit formidable. I've no idea how they were used, but they looked like something used for war fair, not hunting."

"Tell me Vorta, can you draw?"

Fifteen minutes later Weyoun was outlining what he had seen, eyes on the paper and hand moving oh so carefully as he drew. He got the proportions right, but the blades were tricky to draw. He was no artist. But Kor got the jist of it.

"Are the wood or metel?"

"Bone. And a little metal."

"Perhaps some form of primitive metal ergy. Like when early Klingons created spear heads."

"Maybe. But I doubt my kind ever tried mining."Weyoun said,"Now you've seen it..."

"Make it yourself. Find an animal with bone strong enough,hunt it and-"

"Ha ha.I am a politician. The closest I have ever come to hunting was spearing still live bug at a welcoming feast."

Kor gave him a pitying look."If you've never hunted when you've never lived."

Weyoun rolled his eyes. And what would you suggest I hunt? Hmm?"

"Something that has large,thick limbs. You need to be able to carve the right length from it. And you may need to choose a metal that isn't hard to melt down and is easy to sharpen."

Kor spent a few moments wondering why he was looking at this. Then again,he wondered why he was trying to get commissioned to a ship. Why he didn't just take his Bat'leth and head to the Moons or Cronos and seek a good death hunting the many predators there.It would still be  good death. It would be honourable. But he wanted to die fighting a true enemy.

"Research it,use the datavids and talk to people.  You think this is a part of your history,then me it your own. Use it."

Use it. Build on it. He had seen a lot in his visions and he had a computer he could use to record what he knew.

"Yes. I think I could do this. That sounds like a good idea."

* * * * *

"That is an exceptionally bad idea." Keevan said. "They will expect us to attack as soon as possible. Security will be Impossible to bypass. We need time."

"Starfleet won't give us time. It wants us out there as soon as possible to ensure we at least get a chance. We go in with a the Dyominus and guard it whilst it tries to take sensor readings. I we get a window we try and do some damage, if not we abandon the site and do as you recommend."Sisko explained. "I agree its probably not the greatest plan. But I have my orders."

"How the hell has the Federation lasted this long."Keevan asked, not speaking standard but his own tongue without realising it.

"I'm guessing pure luck."Borath said as he shook his head.

Sisko had no idea, and simply said."We'll be leaving as soon as we get clearance. I suggest you sleep whilst you can."
Weyoun was exceptionally happy about the fact they were so close to Deep Space Nine because it meant that very soon he wouldn't have to deal with Keevan any more. He''d been obnoxious when they'd spoken, sarcastic and the scent of him seemed to follow around. It followed him around almost as much as Dr Bashir was. He had gotten all the science of Vorta cloning from Borath, and now he kept asking Weyoun questions.

Questions of how much each clone remember, was each birth the same or were there difference, what were the most common complaints given by those newly re born? It was driving Weyoun crazy. In the end he'd had no choice but to feign exhaustion and return to the quarters he shared with Borath. The other Vorta was already in there, sitting in the only seat and reading something off a padd.
"Anything interesting?"

"Just basic rules and regulations, It would seem I will be spending the next moth with you on DS9."

"That is the best news I have heard all day."Weyoun said and went and lay down on his bunk.

"You seem happier? I take it your hormones have decided to play nice?"

"Would you like to feel how hard I can kick?"

Borath looked over at him and was about to ask if he was kidding, then decided against it. He didn't like pain. So instead he switched from the seat he was in and sat on the same bunk as Weyoun.

"Did you know that if we chose to start a relationship with someone of another species we must first seek medical advice to ensure that both members of the possible partner ship are sexually compatible?"

"No I didn't know that. Why would I need to."

"Well technically your not male any more, and you not female either. You may not be another species but we still don't know if your safe to mate with."
Weyoun scowled at him."Thank you for reminding my." he said, and noticed that he was picking up an scent that he hadn't caught in reality before. Only in the visions he had had. Only when-

He felt his face flush and Borath saw. He smiled, and smiled in a way that made Weyoun's insides squirm pleasantly. He didn't like it one bit. This was entirely new. He had never, never felt anything towards the male of the species before, despite what the vision had told him of their breeding rituals.

"I was just thinking that you should really think about...exploring this new side of you. After all, there'll be plenty of people who would be interested."
"Such as?"

"I think you already know." Borath said. He leaned over Weyoun, stopping just an inch before him."These new senses are quite useful, aren't they?"

Weyoun licked his lips and found that the ability to speak had completely deserted him. Borath merely shook his head and closed the distance between them.

* * * * *

The debriefing had been eventful, considering how long Keevan had laughed. It had taken a considerable amount of time for him to calm down enough to speak.

"Plan 147 was always going to be bought in. It was just a matter of deciding when. "Keevan explained as he scratched another itch on his neck. He always got itchy after being born."They must have decided to bring it forward. I don't know why they would do that. According the the data I lasts saw the Dominion losses were never bad enough for it to be implemented so soon."

"Do you know the locations of these possible implementation sights?"

"I know of three possible sights." Keevan sat back. He was enjoying the novel sensation of mental freed. All his life he had served, and hated every moment of it. And had felt guilty fort hating it. And now, now he could willingly and gleefully betray the Founders-no, Changelings without regret. "All of them are hard to reach, and exceptionally well protected but they all have one simple flaw."

"And what would that be."Sisko asked."

Keevan grinned and laughed."That I helped design each and every one of their security features. And since they believe me dead..." he motioned with his hand for Sisko to finish his sentence and the human felt a tiny glimmer of hope. Since the conversation had begun he had noticed that Keevan was still the same vorta as before. Except now he could be turned to the Federations way of thinking far easier than Weyoun for one good reason.

Sisko saw that Keevan would enjoy it.

"They won't have changed the security measures." he finished, and smiled faintly back."Passwords will be tricky, but I can assure you, the routines won't have changed. The Changelings are far to confident of their security forces."

"You understand we will need a way of verifying this."

"What do you need from me for that?"

"I'll let you know." Sisko tilted his monitor and continued."You''ll be transported to another ship once we reach DS9 and taken ton the same facilities as the other vorta for questioning and then you'll be deployed where ever you'll be most useful."

"And what is it we'll get in return?"

"The Federations protection and help rebuilding your-"

* * * * *

They were moving in a line with dozens of other Vorta, old and young and everything in between. Keevan wore heavy leather trousers and a bow,and that was all. Sisko was in his uniform and was watching Keevan's confusion.

"What the..."

"I take it you haven't been told about this?"

"I have. I just thought they were hallucinations."Keevan said as he moved aside to let a women and here children pass. One nearly fell and he reached out and caught her before she hit the ground. She thanked him before moving to catch up with her family.

"This, this has got to be a trick of some kind. This cannot be real."he muttered as they walked. He watched the vorta around him as they moved, marvelled at the detail of what he was seeing."Is this, is this where we came from?"

"So it would seem.."Sisko said, and before he could say anything else a boy, nearly a man, came running towards them.

"Keevan! Keevan! You must come quickly. The Elders wish to speak with you!" he said as he came to a halt. Keevan spoke with him and took off at a run after him.

"Do I have no control over how this goes?"

"Not if the Prophets don't want you too." Sisko said. He was rather enjoying the fact he wasn't the one being focused on here.

As they reached the front of the column they came to a slow halt and Keevan Raised both hands and showed his wrists before containing to walk along side the men and women and-

Founder. There was a frightened and nervous looking Founder walking with them.

"What is that?" Keevan asked, staring at the alien.

"It is Droca, the one who your grandfather saved."an elderly women said as she moved along, a young male next to her making saw she didn't stumble."We thought it best he speak with someone who he would recognise."

"I do."the founder said. He came to Keevan and lifted his hand,"You look so much like Milasa."

"So I have been told before."Keevan said and stepped forrd,"I always thought you were just a story."

"No. I am real. And so is the threat that follows."


The Founder, Droca, turned to the Elders to await their approval. They nodded as the past an opening in the canopy, allowing Keevan to see the open sky. Sisko found it peaceful, but dread filled him as he realised what was going to happen. Looking behind him he felt guilty that he had been glad this vision wasn't about him. It was about them. The innocents that were standing behind him, the children and mothers and fathers who were travelling to safety that would prove useless to them.

"My people come. They have decided to take your race as new servants. Why I do not know, But I know that when they get here there will be great blood shed."he explained,"I came to try and get you to safety, but I fear that I will not reach more than just your tribe in time."

"What of the river dwellers?"

"We want you and several volunteers to head out and warn them. You are the fastest Tilla Rider we have." The women said, butting in before anyone else could speak. "You must go."

"I'll gather my friends. They will help." Keevan looked back to the changling."Will he be coming."

"You will not need to worry about me holding you up. I am perfectly capable of of traveling."

"We move fast. If you fall behind we cannot wait for you." Keevan explained."Follow me and I will take you to the Tilla. They are carrying the packs and it will take time to-"

"Word has already been sent to unload them They will be ready for you." TRhe women said and Keevan didn't wait for permission to leave, he simply left. Droca followed and kept pace.

"I always belieived my grandfather was making things up when he spoke of you. Did you really get lapped by his mother?"

"She accused me of trying to stop his marriage."Droca explained,"She was a formidable women."

"So I was told."

"I wish I was meeting you under different circumstances. I had planned to visit the next time the rings past over. But I'm afraid this was something that couldn't wait."

"What is it you people want."

"I, I'm not sure I could explain it to you."

Keevan stopped and looked back at him."Try."

"You and your people,you are special. Far more special than you will ever know."Droca said,"Inside you cells,the things that make up your bodies,is a unique code that allows your bodies and minds to be changed."

"Changed? How is that possible."

"We have our ways. With time an the right kin of changes your species could become very different. I once promised your kind would one day help to rule the galaxy,the universe that you live in. I ha hoped for you to join the dominion as our equals."

"Do your kind not see us as its equals? Why not?"

Droca heave a sign,something he den't have to do, but the movement helped to convey his weariness,"My kind are not as tolerate as I am. They do not believe any are their equal."

"I do not think I will like them much."

Internally Keevan laughed at this. I was good to know that the changelings had not impressed heir ancestors. Beside him Sisko smiled sadly.

"You would not. They will make the Vorta into something truly hideous. They will pervert you,an your ways."

"An you come to save us?"Keevan asked,You have come to keep out of from way."

"Not all of you. But I have friend who have chosen to help me. Once their ship comes with the rest they will help me save those I can get to the caves."

"And the rest."

"Must save themselves. Though I I remember some of you grandfathers friends,my people will have help here."

Keevan froze.

"What's wrong?"

"We may have betrayers amongst us."

* * * * *

Hey were back in Sisko's office,and Keevan was shocked by he jarring sensation of suddenly being in so different a place than he had just experienced.

"That,was very strange."he said."I'm not entirely sure I liked it."

* * * * *

Julian was no fan of the clone vorta,and he wasn't sure of how he felt of the free ones,but he was starting to appreciate their cloning process. It was centuries ahead of what any Federation planet had.

This could advance the cloning of organs and replacement limbs to the point where people would no longer need prosthesis limbs any more.

He really had to speak to starfleet medical about letting him work with the researchers. Borath had the chance to help millions.

Until the Julian would just have to go over it on his own. Not that he was complaining. This was absolutely fascinating stuff. He would have to ask the computer to tell him when they docked with DS9 otherwise he was likely to lose himself in the text and forget to disembark.

Sadly his reading was cut short by a message from his screen telling him that it had found something odd in its assessment of the memory implant he had been studying.

He read the review and felt his stomach drop.

"Dr Bashir to Captain Sisko."

"Yes doctor?"

"You need to get down here now"

"What's wrong?"

"Something that could seriously damage our plans."
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(Contains: sexual themes)
There was something wrong with Dr Bashir and Garak was wondering what was wrong. For few moments he thought that the good doctor had been replaced again. But with the daily blood tests ad security Garak doubted that hypothesis.

Instead he decided to wait until they got home to ask. But after a highly magnetised asteroid decided it just had to get to know he Defiant he found himself dealing with a very out of sorts Julian. When the Impact had taken place he'd gone into a guard rail. Ezri had grabbed his arm to keep him from going over completely.

"You've got two broken ribs and several strained neck ligaments."

"Doctor,at this precise moment that news is old and some pain relief would be quite welcome." Gark said, an watched as Julian moved,completely lack lustre and pre-occupied.

Waiting until they returned to the station was't going to work.

"Doctor,I don't wish to pry but you seem very-"

"I'm just a little distracted." Julian snapped,ad hen looked very guilty."I'm sorry. I shouldn't snap at you."

"I shouldn't have asked. But I am a little worried by it. Your usually more vibrant than this."

Julian nodded and ran a hand though his hair."I have something on my mind. I ad a conversation with Weyoun that bought to light some rather disturbing thoughts."

"Ah. It would seem that the vorta are causing more problems."

"I wouldn't blame him. This was something that was bound to come to a head at some point.."

"Would like to talk about it,you look as though you need to."

"Later. This in't really something that I want to be over heard."

"Later then. Now could we..."Garak gestured to his injures and Julian jolted and set to work appearing a little better.

* * * * *

Siko visited the tiny medical lab and saw suspended in he ati grav tank the tiniest of embryos floating. Attached to a umbilical it twitched and flexed itself slightly.

"He's growing exceptionally fast. I almost didn't belie you could do it." Sisko said and swore he could seethe tiny thing grow."Is he healthy."

"Very. I was worried the impact had done some damage, but he's fine." Borath explained. "I have also spotted the smallest of abnormalities,but they appear consistent with out current states. Having Weyoun help has kick started the process in Keevan."

"Is that good?"

"I think so. Now would you mind if I ask when will will birth him?" Borath leaned against the doorway."I take it you'll be allowing him to wake naturally rather than having him chemically sedated and woken later?"

"Since naturally is the best for him,we'll go with that. I believe your report said there isn't enough genetic material for another try."

"Correct. Te impact caused me to drop the samples ad I'm afraid hard floor an glass viles don't make the best of friends."

Ssko wasn't pleased with that. The asteroid had come out of nowhere and had caused a little damage,but this was a possible disaster if the clone didn't survive.

"I wan an update every hour."

"Dr Bashir as automated it. The computer will send one at eighteen minutes past every hour until we birth him."

Sisko nodded and turned back to he tank. It was rather soothing to watch really.

* * * * *

Weyoun had fallen asleep e moment his head had hit the pillow and left without dreams. When he awoke he felt rested,he felt clam and he stretched out in he bunk,feeling as his joints popped and crack.

He hadn't woken up from that good a nights sleep in while. Sitting up he went to e tiny bathroom and used the facilities,bathed under the sonic shower and-felt something trickle down his leg. He frowned and looked down,before he realised what was was happening.

He proceeded to scream like a little girl.

Twenty mortifying minutes later he was sitting on his bunk looking traumatised and an apologetic looking Dr Bashir checking him over.

"I'm sorry. I should have seen this coming. Should have warned you that you my start to menstruate."

"Well its a bit late for apologise isn't it?" Weyoun swallowed thickly."Gah,I felt fine this morning. Way do I suddenly want to cry?"

"Your hormone levels are a little higher than normal. You will probably suffer from cramps and muscle soreness,headaches and increased appetite..."

"Nd how long will this last?"

"Its different for every species. We just have to wait and see ."

"Wait and see. Oh how scientific."

Julian suddenly felt a little fearful. The venom dripping off Weyoun's voice could have poisoned an entire planetoid. So after explaining to Weyoun tat he would be back later he fled.

Weyoun pulled his knees up to his chest and groaned. He wouldn't cry.

He would not cry.

Borath chose that moment to come back and hen he saw Weyoun he sat beside him and asked if he was alright,and Weyoun Proceeded to sob into his shoulder for a good hour.

* * * * *

Sisko manage to keep a straight face when Dr Bashir explained why and angry Borath had come to Sisko demanding to know why Weyoun was in such a state. He didn't like having to deal with crying people.

Sisko knew the situation wasn't even remotely funny. But he still found it hard not to smile.

"I take it there won't be any more surprises for him? I think he's starting to get a little tired of them."

"I have no doubt of that sir."

"Now that you've explained yourself your dismissed. Just try to keep the patients up to date with their progress."

When Bashir left Sisko laughed and felt guilty for it. But he couldn't help himself.

He forced himself to stop and instead chose to concentrate on the task in front of him. The Federation had found several planets that they could seed with the Vorta. It was their idea that if they gave the Vorta something to really fight for then they would be all the more willing to help. The the planets chosen were all sub tropical and would easily fit the Vorta's needs. But one of he main reasons that Starfleet would give them these planets was because the vorta were naturally immune to the certain poisons that were in this planets water that could make dozens of other species sick. And their skin could not be harmed by the rays of the sun. Other settlers would have to would have to live in domes or be constantly being given the anti dote and use a multitude of creams. They were fine in small doses but to the them constantly was just to dangerous for the settlers health.

The Vorta could live here easily. And they could man the mining of a very rare and needed mineral that Starfleet wanted to get its hands on. Only they had to get the Vorta to agree first.

The Vorta were helping them now in exchange for their help. For Safety, and though he hated to admit it They needed the vorta far more than the vorta needed them. They could easily find allies in the Romulans or the Klingons. There medical knowledge alone would guarantee them a place with the Dinobleans. The Ferengi would have them for their technology and intelligence in the gamma quadrant.

They were a valuable species to have on their side. Now they just had to keep them that way.

* * * * *

The chiming of his door was expected and Garak called enter. He wasn't surprised in the least to see Julian there, but he was surprised at how much anger he was hiding.

He looked ready to explode at something now that the door was shut.

"How do you do it Garak. How do you deal with a father who only cares about himself. Who only whats to deal with someone who has god knows how many plans in play."he asked and in an explosion of violence he slammed his fist hard into the wall. The metal dented and Garak was quite shocked at the the sight. He knew that Julian was strong but this,his was something else entirely.

"I think you need something to drink and to calm down."Garak said and reached into on inner pocket to pull out a thin vile filled with powder.He replicated a pitcher of warm water and to glasses before adding a tiny pinch of the powder to it.

"What's that?"

"Cardassan Vitra. A potent alcohol that can turn this water into something akin to sixty year aged Romulan ale." Garak said. "Its illegal to take it off Cardassia and I know that Quark would hand over half the bar for a sample."

Julian smiled."Do I want to know how you got hold of it?"

"I grow it. Only eighty six people on on of Cardassia know how to cultivate the common vitra weed to get it to grow the brown leaves needed first he alcohol."

"Sounds like its expensive."

"I have eight plants in my quarters in especially designed tank. They grow very well and produce enough leave to rebuild my store twice and ensure that if I have to leave I will be able to set myself up easily."

"May I ask how much this pitcher would cost?"Julian said as he sat down and excepted the glass handed to him.

"That pitcher contains just a minuscule out of the vile."Garak said and smiled widely."It has the potency of a well aged romulan ale and tastes like Cardassian mint. It is worth 25 Slips of latinum for this pitcher. If mixed with citrus it will taste of nothing and be added to any drink at all."

"Meaning a decent bar tender could replicated the right flavour and with this..."Julian grinned at the realisation,"Gain so much profit in the long run he could by his own moon."

"Precisely. Even if I gave him the sample he couldn't use it. It can't be replicated."

"And the cultivation and creation of his powder just happens to be one of your many talents?"

"Why of coursed my dear doctor. Garak sat and leaned a little forward,"Along with listening. I take it that those has something to do with your father?"

"Yes. Yes it does."Julian took a sip of the drink and found that it did indeed taste of cardassian mint,one of the few cardassian foods that other species could stomach without wanting to spit it out. It was also deceptively potent."I keep thinking about how my fate got such a short sentence. How he managed to keep me in starfleet. Because no matter how you look at his he couldn't have gotten away with either without making some kind of deal. And that's forgetting the fact he had nothing to barter with. He should have gone away for t least twenty years for illegally having me changed,my mother would have gotten fifteen as an accomplice and I should have been kicked out and barred from practising medicine within Federation space."

"All that for improving on the basic human model." Garak said.It had been the topic of many conversation after revelation of Julian's enhancements had been revealed. Why were humans so afraid of it? Why such rules when they had much better control over genetics now.

They had experimented into psychics,but not seemed as though it had gone wrong n now they were an isolated colony until they could reversed the problem. So why so frightened by one exceptionally bright doctor? Garak wished he understood.

"Because of how bad it has gone in how past Garak. The wars fought by genetically enhanced tyrants,. The innocents who were used and experimented on. The lies and the truths that were held back in order to convince people to fight." Julian looked up t Garak and sighed,"It was not humanities proudest moment."

"And the fact that your father escaped that sentence?"

"Is worrying me no end."Sipping again he said,"What if he promised the names of he doctors who performed the enhancements? Or the names of others working in secret."

"But that's not what worries you the most?"Garak asked and sipped his own drink.It had been a while,so h went easy on his. Getting drunk on the Defiant was probably a bad idea."It something else."

"Weyoun said that the Founders took what they wanted from the vorta an either enhance it or got rid of it wall together."Julian's eyes looked shinier."Why didn't he just fix me. Why not make me normal?"

"Why did he make you more than human when just human would have been far better. Would have made what he'd one less frowned upon."

The human nodded and it suddenly became clear. Julian was terrified that Starfleet was going to o something to him to ensure the 'threat' that he posed was neutralised. Garak felt his heart stutter.

He knew that feeling. He knew it all to well.

"Julian?" he said and the doctor looked him in he eye,"I will help you to find out what has happened. It most likely will not be pleasant what we find,but I will endevor to help you uncover what ha been done. Or will done."

Julian swallowed thickly and lay a hand on Garak's knee and squeezed. "Thank you."

Then he recovered and cleared his throat,"Well,this stuff certainly makes you emotional doesn't it."

"It can have that effect. Its what helps it clear the mind so wonderfully." Garak reached out and put a hand on Julian's shoulder."It helps to make things clear."

Julian put his hand on Garak's and fr a moment things between them felt... different.

And then Julian's comm badge him and they both jumped.

"Dr Bashir here. Is there a problem?"

"Small explosion in engineering has caused some burns and fume inhalation."

"I'll be right there." he said and handed over his glass. "Thank you or your help. I hope that won't go to waste."

"Oh I'll most likely put it in flask." Garak said began to scold himself for such foolish notions that now flooded his head.

* * * * *

By the time the computer said that 'the subject had reached maximum growth' they were a day out from DS9. The tank in which Keevan had been placed was carefully transported to the surgery room. huge peices of foam like substance had been laid on the floor to soak up liquid that would spill. the Bashir had been joined by Weyoun, Borath and O'Brian,. who stood by to keep and eye on the equipment.

"Okay, so once the sank is breached we need to get him onto the bed and apply the gel soaked sheet."Borath explained. "We'll need to keep our voices calm and try not to cause any unnecessary movement. "

"I've sent up a program that will be monitoring both his lower brain functions and the brain stem functions."Bashir said and double checked his calculations. He was recording everything, down to the sweat glands on the back of peoples necks. He didn't want to miss anything.

"Okay. Beginning procedure at 09:15 hours. Mr O'Brian if you could-"

"Anti grav system will be shut of in three two..."

Weyoun went to the head of the the pod ad Bashir was at the foot whilst Borath quickly picked up the smaller gel soaked blanket and signalled that Weyoun should pierce the pod.

Liquid flowed over them and the anti grav went off second later as Borath caught the pale,newly born Keevan in his arms and with Bashir helped settle him onto the bed,his head pointing down rather than up to help clear fluid from the lungs. After a few failed intakes of breath Keevan retched and coughed as the clear fluid left his lungs.

"All brain function normal."Bashir said."Lungs fully inflating, heart rate within normal parameters."

"I'm cutting the nutrient cord now,make sure he doesn't wriggle to much. Weyoum said a h lifted laser scalpel. As he removed he cord Keevan made a gasping,pain filled sound and tried weakly kicking out at them.

"Congratulations,you have a healthy new born Vorta."Bashir said,and lay the larger blanket over Keevan.

His hair was plastered to his scalp and his ears ever so slightly curved inwards as he lay twitching slightly,opening an closing his hands and eyes fluttering madly behind their lids.

"You were right about the mess." O'Brian said and lifted his foot out of h spreading puddle of embriotic fluid.

"He should wake with the next few hours,a day maximum. We'll need to keep a close on on him until his skin thickens slightly and he can open his eyes without pain." Borath explained.

* * * * *

He was cold, sore and honestly wondering why he was still alive. The last thing he remembered was being killed by a ferengi with bad aim. Now he lay on a bed that wasn't a pod and he was looking at a relieved looking Borath.

"I think I'm having delusions. Your face looks funny."he croaked. A few moments later he was helped to sit up and given a several sips of electrolyte drink. "Why aren't I dead?"

"You've been re-cloned. And...there are a few changes you should be aware of."

* * * * *

Garak had been working on his plan to help Bashir whilst he tried not to postulate on the latest translations he'd made from the messages sent between Cardassian and Dominion ships. Prisoner movements, ships replacements and crew reassignments that made no sense. Orders to remove perfectly good generals and replace them with wholly inadequate men whilst their best and brightest were recruited by the Dominion. Schools and curriculum on the outer colonies being changed to teach Dominion sanctioned views and education.

Though he had to admit the dissolution of the legitimacy laws was long over due and quite welcome. Just ashamed it wasn't being implemented by the right people. Orphans and mixed species parents were being rounded up and taken to Cardassia to be placed in new homes and better accommodation. All under the watchful eyes of the Dominion and its lackeys.

Speaking of Lackeys Garak was completely unsure of how to feel about Keevan being resurrected on board the ship. Granted it wouldn't be the same one he had met, but it would be a close approximation. Weyoun had gone to the mess hall and given off a vibe of 'angry' so powerful the humans on board were avoiding him. Angry Vorta wasn't something any of them were use to. Annoyingly happy and pleasant, but not angry. It was quite a sight.

So he tried to concentrate on Bashir. And he was more than willing to do that. Lately he had been more than willing to do anything regarding the human. It was starting to worry him. Emotions he had begun to explore when he'd been with Ziyal were surfacing, this time concentrating themselves on the good doctor.

Garak wasn't entirely sure what to do about that. He could try and make his interest shown, after all their was no point in trying to keep his heart safe and forever wonder what could have been. And humans were not like Cardassians. Julian was unlikely to use his attraction against him. And Garak was also unsure that now was the best time . He might be accused of taking advantage, especially if these enquiries he was making were going to bring up less than happy news.
Sisko sat at the command chair of the Defiant and tried to puzzle out what it was Dr Crusher and Weyoun had planned. According to thelast transmission Weyoun wasn't happy about working with Keevan. To be perfectly honest Sisko wasn't too pleased to be working with him either.

Dr Bashir had been going over and over the data he'd received,collecting what was required and trying to figure out what they were for. He was also ecstatic that they now had a way to easily produce bio metretric gel without expense or long production time. The medical branch of the Federation was amazed by the substance.

And they also had nearly an entire ships worth of memory space in the cargo hold. They still don't have a clue what that is for.

He'd also gotten news from Kira that the quarters for Weyoun and whoever was staying on the station. These quarters were going to be under constant surveillance. There was even a brain wave monitor to keep an eye on how they were thinking.

Sisko was also waiting for the Galelao,since both Garak and Nog would be needed. Nog to show here they had left Keevan and Garak to ensure that all of the booby traps were gone.He didn't want a repeat of the last time they were on Empok Nor.

* * * * *

"Will you stopped fidgeting, I swear your worse than my son."

"I can't help it. I've been restless all morning."Weyoun forced himself to sit still. "Why couldn't it just be Borath and Kilana who go? They know far more about this than me."

"Because Kilana will be helping Dr Bashir and Borath needs someone close by to make sure he doesn't-"

"Fall Apart again?"

"Pretty much."

"Lovely. I'm the anti-depressant."

"You really don't want to see Keevan do you?"

"Nope." Weyoun crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat."I really don't."

O'Brian shook his head and waited against the wall. He noticed that the main control had several wires exposed. he knelt to take a look.

"Hey, grab me the tool box behind that panel there would you."


He pointed and Weyoun went to the wall. He had to admit that Federation design was useful. You didn't have to worry about bashing into boxes or catching your cloths on sharp edges. Weyoun wasn't the only vorta who had to put up with clothing tears due to fire repress-ors or equipment boxes.

"That one."

Weyoun fetched the tool kit and took it to O'Brian.

"Its been years since I've worked with wires. Only a couple of Transporters still use them. The area we're in is notorious for Ambient Radiation. Its a bugger to get around, but its easy once you figure out you need something a little less advanced than circuitry."

"I have seen wiring before. The changeling's don't like having to think outside the box all that often. It why only a handful of Vorta have above average intelligence. We're clever, but-"

"Not to clever.Its a wonder you advance at all."

"We do keep an eye on the planets we oversee. They usually share with us."

O'Brian lifted his head and just looked at Weyoun.

"Okay, so we usually have someone making sure they do share, but some of the world that are a part of the Dominion are happy. I can name....two,"Weyoun shook his head."Then again, I like to think of them as my successes. No death happened, no uprisings or political trouble." He trailed off and remembered all the times that it hadn't gone well."I try not to think of other planets. Not all have gone well. Some needed had suffered at all, some-"forcing himself to breath Weyoun shook the memories from his head."I hope I can fix some of the things that have been done. I can at least do that. When this is over, if it all turns out well, I'll make amends."

"I hope you get the chance,can you hold this out the way."

"This one?"Hold the green wire away from the rest Weyoun watched as O'Brian carefully and quickly worked on the transporter. The man smelt like ozone and hard work. He was a father, and and had one mate. This struck Weyoun as odd but he honestly didn't mind. They worked slowly, methodical and then

* * * * *

He's weaving a net as the evenings sun sets, and he can hear the rain hitting the leave above him.

"Bloody hell!"

Looking to his left he see's O'Brian looking shocked and carefully weaving as well."Where are we?"

"Home. Or at least mine." Weyoun explained,"Now weave your basket, the sooner we let it play out the sooner it will be over."

So they sat and they weaved and eventually were joined by one of this Weyoun's mates.

"How are you?"

"I'm well Frav. You don't have to keep asking."

"I can't help it. Your in a delica-"

"End that sentence and you are sleeping on the floor tonight."

She smiled and sat beside him, lifting the edge of the net,"How many of these have you made this year?"

"Twenty eight. They are good for trade."

"Only your's are. Mine always fall apart, or let the fish though."

"That's because you make the knots to loose."

They sat in a companionable silence.

"Hira and Bwen are having a son. They found out today."

Weyoun nodded and stopped weaving."Do you think that I'll have them before the winter season starts?"

"Maybe." An arm went around him, hand resting on his abdomen."The little ones will be lucky. Winter raised always have stronger hearts and skins."

"Yes. And they also have the most exhausted parents." Weyoun smiled and covered her hand with his."You know I always thought that you wound be the first to bear you."

Before Frav could say anything there was a tremendous bang in the distance. Both looked at each other and the sound of several whistle went up.

"That doesn't sound good." O'Brain said and put down the net. "I know that sound. It was-"

"The Sound barrier. Something's moving faster than sound." These were thoughts, not speech. All three of them took off, O'Brian going much slower since he wasn't a natural climber.The whistles became louder and stronger and more people were gathering along the branches, heading towards the meeting hall.

The hall was actually an area where several massive tree branches intertwined and created an massive platform that acted as a hall. dozens of vorta were gathered and more were arriving by the second. O'Brian was a little overwhelmed. There were families and couples and trysts and singles. Elders sat in groups whilst the young tumbled and chased about people's feet. Adolescents were grouping and trying not to appear phased by what they had heard.

As they gathered the elders took to the centre of the hall and raised their hands for silence. But before they could speak the well known sound of a transporter sounded, and in their midst was a desperate looking Founder.

There was silence.

Several people dropped to their knees and prayed, whilst other reached for weapons.

The Changeling morphed and became vorta, before he stepped forward and yelled,"Gather your people and make for the eastern caves. Danger is coming."

* * * * *

They were jolted back to reality. They lay in shock side by side and stared up at the ceiling.

"I'm beginning to think these visions just pick up who ever happens to be in the room with me."


"I have no idea." Weyoun forced himself to sit up and looked about the room. "I apologise for any discomfort. But this generally happens when I'm not expecting it."

"Right. Should I go to sick bay?"

"Wait till we're on the Defiant. I doubt it did any damage"

"Why are you on the floor?"

Both of them jumped, saw Dr Crusher above them and got to their feet.

"The console needed fixing." O'Brian explained,"Only we got distracted."

"May I ask by what?" Crusher put her hands on her lips and used her 'mother' voice. O'Brian did the only thing he could think of doing when confronted with such a thing.

He blamed it on the other guy.

"Weyoun distracted us."

"Hey!" The vorta snapped,"I don't control the damn visions so don't blame me for it."

"Stopped right there. I know about those and I don't want to be sidled with the report on it. Wait and tell Captain Sisko." She folded her arms, "Right Now I just want to get back to the Enterprise and my normal duties."

O'Brian knew how she felt. He would have been much happier to go back to DS9 and just submerge himself in boring, safe jobs. Sadly it looked like he wouldn't be seeing those for a little while.

"I came to tell you the Defiant will beam you up in ten minutes. Borath will meet you up there." She looked at Weyoun,"Keep a close eye on him. He's been given a dose of sedatives but I want him to be weaned of them. I've put it in his file for Dr Bashir."

"I'll do what I can."

* * * * *

Borath was beamed directly to sick bay where Dr Bashir waited, scanner in hand a had ordered the nurses out of the room for a little while. He didn't want the vorta frightened or pushed. Once he got a look at him Julian was ready to send him straight back with orders of bed rest and counselling.

He was far too pale, his markings standing out like ink on alabaster. His eyes looked sunken and tired, red from crying and slightly out of focus from the sedative. Once he was done checking him over he had him taken straight top his shared room with Weyoun to rest for the journey.

Weyoun himself was in the mess, sitting beside O'Brian and explaining what little he knew of the cloning process.

"You see the Founders don't really like the process so we've made so the clinical part is kept hidden, and the 'dry' birth is just where we store the inactivated clones.Its usually cryo storage, or a stasis unit. Its not good for the clone, and can lead to all kinds of problems. Its the most delicate part of the procedure." Weyoun had sketched the cloning pod onto the pad."The actual pod is filled with an embiotic fluid and suspended in a anti gravity tank whilst the clone grows, just like a womb."

"And the Founders don't like this because..."

"The birthing process is messy. Draining the fluid in dangerous to the developing vorta, so they have to slit the sac and lift to vorta into a shallow pool of warm water to be washed and then settled until they wake. But usual they are washed, clothed and sedated until activated"

O'Brian thought for a moment."How long until the clone wakes?"

"Naturally about two hours.A waiting clone can wait years for activation. Unaware of course."

O'Brian stared into his Rakjanjino and shook his head."Can't wait to sit it."

"Where something disposable. Embiotic fluid ruins delicate fabric."Weyoun sipped his water and moss, a drink he found very calming. He didn't understand why so many species imbibed caffeine to stay awake. Caffeine always gave him headaches.

"Have you talked this over with Bashir."

"I'm seeing him in an hour."

He wasn't sure if he was looking forward to that. A part of him thought he was a good person. Another part of him wanted to stick a sock in his mouth and stuff him in a storage pod.He had the feeling a lot of the doctors friends felt that way about him.

And then as though knowing someone was thinking of him he appeared. He looked surprised to see Weyoun.

"I thought you'd be kept in your quarters."

"Borath needs his sleep and I needed to explain a few of the basic on vorta cloning. I'm no expert but I've told you what I can. I believe you were next on my list."

"I'm free now,i just came to ask Miles if he can take a look at the medical sensors. They keep giving me Klingon readings rather than human. I nearly gave Ensign Nog an overdose of testosterone."

"I take it that would have been bad?" Weyoun asked.

"That would have led to a complete disassociate state resulting in violent reactions towards stimulus."

"He's start attacking anything that moved."O'Brian translated and Weyoun gave a soft 'ah' and nodded.

"I'll look at you scanners for you. You keep an eye on him whilst I do it.He can get you up to speed on all this cloning stuff."

And with that he left, dropping his mug off as he went.

"So tell about your cloning method. I'm fascinated by the way you've managed to replicate and implant memories with such finesse."

Weyoun had the feeling it was going to be a long day.

* * * * *

Nog stared at the data padd in front of him and once again wondered how Jake could have graduated school with such atrocious spelling. He had talent,but by the treasury he needed a dictionary. The datapadd even had a programme to check the spelling a Jake never used t. He the squiggly red lines distracted him.

Nog had told him to use it after he was done writing an Jake had told mistakes were part of the creative process before going off on a long winded speech so the creative mind. Nog had tuned him out and offered to proof read for him. And so he did. During his time off he put aside a few hours to read though what Jake had sent to him n make sure that he'd spelt everything right and tell him if anything didn't make sense.

But this story was good. Set around the first few year of space travel it told the story of a young Andorian's friendship with a human. Nog could see some of here friendship in this story. The miss understandings an the cultural differences. The flat out hilarious moments when language was misused. Uncle Quark had laughed for an hour after Jake had mis pronounced the greeting for the holiday of Breetasdfolu. He could barely pronounce it himself.

Those memories made him smile,and he certainly need them where he was going.

Back to Empok Nor.

He'd had nightmares for weeks after the incdent. Jake had sat up with him and he'd woken up with his head on the humans shoulder more than once.

Now he was going back. It would be a quick extraction job. Whatever went wrong could easily be fixed. They had the back up they needed and Garak was going back to the Defiant once his job was done.

He had no need to be afraid. And yet every fibre of his being wanted to run and hide. Wanted to sit with Jake on the sofa and listened to him read for real rather than the voice in his head.

But he wasn't. He was following his orders and being model ensign.

Nog leaned back in his bunk and started the next chapter. He had time before his next shift.

* * * * *

It took four days to get to Empok Nor after dodging half a dozen Dominion patrols and nearly getting hit by an ancient piece of cardasian mining equipment. Sisko would always cherish the look of complete bafflement on Garak's face as he tried to figure out how it had ended up flouting in space.He'd left the bridge muttering in Kardassi under his breath.

Getting onto Empok Nor was considerably more difficult considering the Dominion had blown up a large section of it for some reason only known to them. O'Brian and Nog managed to get life support on line where they needed it would could promise it would stay up long.Once the booby traps were disengaged they were able to board.

"We're quite lucky, the Dominon attack got rid of most of them. All I had to get rid of was canister of nerve gas and several automated Phasers." Garak explained as he came back aboard the Defiant. "Though I am glad I'm not going with you. There is a rather strong smell of Ozone in there."

"Should I be worried?"Sisko asked.

"Just a blown conduit, nothing dangerous." Garak smiled and past the boarding party. Weyoun stood with a much more together Borath as they waited to go. Next to them was a stasis unit that would carry the remains on board and straight to the cargo bay.

"Alright I want everyone on full alert. Nog your on point. No one goes anywhere alone and if we are forced to separate we keep in constant communication." Sisko ordered and they piled onto the transporter.

When they materialised Weyoun couldn't suppress a shiver. This station was a ruin. Not a thing in it was undamaged and he would be glad to be off it. Next to him Borath looked just as worried. Then the smell hit them and both coughed and covered their noses.

"What's wrong?" Sisko turned to look at them and frowned.

"The smell of Ozone is exceptionally strong. Its highly unpleasant."

"When Bashir beams over have him give you a nasal numbing agent. That should help."

When Bashir beamed on board he went from smelling of fear and apprehension to curiosity and excitement. The citrusy smell was back and both Weyoun and Borath found it far nicer than the Ozone. But after inhaling from the inhaler both felt much better.

"I'll have to scan your nasal passages and the sensory potion of your brains. The sensitive of your olfactory nerves is incredibly for a humanoid species." he babbled and filled the silence of the station. Up front Nog guided them , and after twenty minutes of walking Weyoun picked up the faint smell of decay and the sound of movement. Then he wished he'd stayed on the Defiant.

The body hadn't decayed to badly in the vacuum the station had become, but it had some. The skin was grey, his eyes milky and there was extreme damage to the right side of the face. But that was expected considering he was still doing what he'd been programmed to do. The body was still walking into the bulk head and had been repeating the motion since it had been left. How it had managed that in a vacuum Weyoun would never know. Several curse words and shocked gasps were uttered and they set to work. Weyoun went with Borath and Bashir to cease the bodies motions so that they could scan the memory unit.

It was intact and had stopped recording at the moment of death. Borath let go of a breath and nodded to himself."This is good. I was worried the memory unit would have degraded. We got here with maybe two or three days to spare before the integrity of this thing failed."

"Right, we'll get the body back to the Defiant and-"

The station shook and everyone was struggling to keep their feet.

"We have ten minutes before the stabilisers fail on us. This place is literally falling apart."

The next five minutes were a rush of activity as they began transferring the body and personnel back to the Defiant. The last security guard boarded just as Empok Nor gave into gravity and disrepair and ripped itself apart.

Now came the hard part for them. Well, for Borath and the engineers. Weyoun was going with Bashir to help fill the cloning sac and set up the anti grav chamber. This job was simple enough, so they didn't need Borath to supervise it.

As the sac filled Weyoun wondered just how many vorta were were still growing, how many were in storage. He must have been thinking hard because Bashir asked,"Penny for your thoughts."


"It means what's on your mind."

"Just thinking about how many of my kind are waiting to be born."

"How many clones are active at once?"

"Usually anything from from then to twelve million are active at one time."He pressed his fingers to the sac to keep the inner walls from sticking together." Not all that many considering the numbers a usual race can grow to."

"But it could be a good base for a planetary genetics. In fact you'd only need to free the minds of approximately 2500 and because non of you are geneticaly related you will easily be able to breed a-"

"Can you not speak so clinically. We're sentient beings, not live stock."

Bashir smiled sheepishly. "Sorry."

Weyoun looked at him for a moment and then shook his head. "Was it as jarring for you as well?"

Bashir looked confused for a moment but then realised what he was asking."It happened over a period of days. Each time I woke up I was a little more aware, a little more-"

"Improved?" Weyoun watched Bashir's reactions. He wasn't guarded,but he was finding it difficult to share."Why didn't the federation authorise the treatment in the first place?"

"Its done case by case. You can of course repeal any decisions, but apparently the judge assigned to our case was well known for refusing even the most obviously devastating problems. He was on his way to being replace but my parents couldn't risk waiting. There is a limit to the age that you can do these procedures safe."

"Your species can be ridiculous at times."

Bashir wanted to defend his race, but at that moment he didn't think he could."I can tell you that the treatment was jarring. Most of the time I didn't understand what it was I was thinking."

"Like you had no control over what you were being made to think."Weyoun nodded."I know that feeling. But I'm a little confused. Why not just make you as normal as everyone as. There was no need to improve your strength or speed. All you needed was an IQ boost."

"My father wanted me to be the best I could be."

"I don't think so." Weyoun said, then looked embarrassed. "Sorry. Not my place."

"Why don't you think so? Tell me."

Weyoun took a breath,"The Founders picked and chose what they wanted us to be because they didn't like how the original were. They moulded us into something liked and could control. Your father seems to have done the same. He got rid of the unwanted parts and then made sure you would have to rely on him and the secrets you shared to get on in life."Weyoun was feeling uncomfortable now.

Bashir smelt of anger and of shame. But it wasn't directed at Weyoun."I suppose your right. But he is serving time in prison for me. Too keep me in Star fleet."

"What would have happened if he hadn't. You would have been forced out an maybe served a year for lying on your application to star felt. That's all they can legally do. But If I remember the laws I read on this your father was facing twenty years in a Federation prison. Your mother as well." Weyoun's brows suddenly creased.

Bashir already knew what he was thinking. Something he should have thought of before now.

What has his father done to keep himself from serving a longer sentence, and how could it effect him or his mother.

* * * * *

The memory units lit up and all of them read 'memory full'. O'Brian watched as Borath went with the nurse to collect the DNA from the memory unit. Apparently the low level current kept the flash from decaying as fast as the rest of the body, meaning it was the perfect place to harvest tissue from.

Borath was looking forward to this. Borath and him were possibly friends,but it was difficult. Keevan was meant to be manipulative, meant to be a lyer and able to play more than one side at once. It was why he'd was used for so many infiltration missions. He knew a lie when he was told one and know one knew when je was telling the truth.

But Borath knew all this and didn't care. Thanks to this trait he was refreshingly frank to be around. Keevan didn't beat around the bush or pretend any thing he didn't feel or know. Unless he was being ordered to.

But he knew that Weyoun had been on the receiving end of those lies. Had been hurt badly by Keevan. He wasn't the only one. Enris wouldn't speak to him unless absolutely necessary.So the next few days were going to be interesting. And thinking of Weyoun Borath suddenly got the feeling that he needed the other vorta here whilst he cloned Keevan.

He was probaby filling the sac like he'd been told to.

He was, and Dr Bashir smelt rather sad and angry. Weyoun was poking the sac and occasionally frowning.

"Is the Fluid always so...thin?"he asked

"It will thicken when the clone is introduced." Borath went to the lab."I want you with me when I do this. It feels like you should be here."

"What will I have to do?"

"Just hold a couple of items and help me to ensure the cells divide properly. Dr Bashir, did you prep the simulated egg?"

"Yes. There are four in the lab waiting for you."


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